Teaching Reading Comprehension – Which Texts Work?

Grant Wiggins is writing a great book on reading as blogs (here): each new chapter arrives in my inbox as he writes them. In post 8, he describes the qualities texts need to support learning to read. As I principally blog about science texts for learning, I thought I would respond.

In the first of his blogs, Wiggins points out that while the teaching of the early stages of reading have been very successful, teaching comprehension post decoding has been disappointing. He argues that there is scant evidence of how successful pupils read. And only weak evidence on the strategies that work.

comprehension EEF

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Science For Parents

Following a twitter query about school science events for parents from @paulcoxon and @drlucyrogers, I thought I’d share a text I wrote for a colleague of mine to read with her daughter. The idea was to write a text that could be read several times and discussed until it made sense. It’s about moles, so if you know any offspring with chemistry GCSEs, please share. 

Moles Text


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