What Primary Teachers Want…. (Science Books)

I want it all!
I want it all!

“I want an engaging science book for my class.”

“I want a science book that is related to the curriculum.”

“I want a science book with good examples of the text-types I have to teach.”

“I want a science book with clear adverbial clauses, imperative verbs and passive voice.”

“I want it all!”

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An Accretion of Science Writers

Thirty science writers and teachers who write have formed a group to support and promote brilliant science writing for children and young adults.

Science writing for young people should inspire as well as teach; it must be map and guide. Young people need to be free to explore the universe through words. The writing must be very good.

This takes technical expertise; literary skill and an understanding of children’s learning. Our science writers’ circle brings writers together to share these skills to write outstanding science texts.

We meet online with a forum for sharing, discussion and feedback. We are a community with a common goal: brilliant science writing for young people.

The group is called the science writers’ circle and we are one week old. Watch this space.


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