Sir Isaac Newton

Definitio. I.

Quantitas materiæ est mensura ejusdem orta ex illius densitate et magnitudine conjunctim.

Definition I

The quantity of matter is the measure of the same, arising from its density and bulk conjunctly.

                        (Newton, translation by Motte)

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In Praise of “1000 Facts” Books

Huge Fact BookUnglamorous, but loved by some, I am writing in praise of geeky fact books.

I had lots of these as a boy. My favourite was the Guinness Book of Answers 1978. I got it when I was poorly with the mumps – I read it and reread it on the sofa in my pyjamas from cover to cover. I returned to it many times.

Some kids just love these books. 1000 facts about sharks, dinosaurs, hamsters, space, trucks, fairies and StarWars. They are all great because they do one thing very well – they build foundations for learning.  Continue reading “In Praise of “1000 Facts” Books”

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