Silent Reading: What’s Going On Inside?

bigoceanlinerThe student is silent. Eyes flick across the page. The page turns. It’s a good book. What could go wrong?

Silent reading is a good thing, but it isn’t teaching. It might be learning, but you don’t know that.

In class, reading is important, but you need to see the workings. You could assess at the end, but that’s too late. The best way is to get readers reading aloud and talking about what they have read.  Continue reading “Silent Reading: What’s Going On Inside?”


Ratio… Increasing Thinking in Class


(image from I searched ‘literacy’ and ‘ratio.’ I thought I would share).

I came across the term “ratio” for learning in TLAC 2.0. Doug Lemov credits hearing the term first from Dave Levin, co-founder of Kipp. This is the earliest mentionfrom him I can find: KIPP Blog.

Ratio, in this sense, refers to the amount of “cognitive heavy lifting” every learner has to do in class. Low ratio activities include teaching from the front; “one person talks while everyone else listens”; video; silent reading.

Continue reading “Ratio… Increasing Thinking in Class”

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