Okay, I’ll Cooperate….

Brains, books, cooperate.
Brains, books, cooperate.

5 years ago, in an increasingly competitive school environment, I read about Cooperative Learning. It was the first time I’d read about the power of children learning cooperatively. The effect size was significant. I was interested.

And I have. At Norwich Primary Academy, we have adopted Cooperative Learning (CL) across the school. It is exactly what we need; the children are making accelerated progress and at the same time developing their social working skills.

We have found an outstanding guide. Jakob Werdelin is a Danish educator with years of experience using CL in the classroom.

Cooperative Learning is also the tool I need to teach students how to read scientific texts. I am excited to be cooperating with Jakob to develop three CL based scientific reading lessons: reading deeply; wider reading and read the question.

We will post our progress at cooperatebeliterate.org.

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