What Primary Teachers Want…. (Science Books)

I want it all!
I want it all!

“I want an engaging science book for my class.”

“I want a science book that is related to the curriculum.”

“I want a science book with good examples of the text-types I have to teach.”

“I want a science book with clear adverbial clauses, imperative verbs and passive voice.”

“I want it all!”

Finding a science book that is  engaging and related to the curriculum is tricky. Kids love science. Typically they love the wrong science. It is rare for a child to love types of forces, but to hate dinosaurs: to love solids, liquids and gasses, but to hate wildlife. Books are written about the popular subjects. Curriculum science is a harder sell.

I would be happy with a book that covered National Curriculum science in an engaging way. But imagine if it stuck to standard text types too! What if it had very clear explanation texts? And instructions? And non-chronological reports?

And then, how about a book with great sections filled with adverbial phrases? Passive voice? A wide selection of conjunctions, drop-in-clauses, -ing starters, -ly starters, compound-nouns and verb-phrases?

It would probably be awful. But so useful. I want it all.


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