Example of a CogSci Approach to Choosing and Using Science Texts

In my previous post (here), I linked the Learning Scientists strategies to choosing science texts for class. In this post I’ll give an example.

The text I’ve chosen is an adaptation of Hooke’s discovery of cells from Micrographia (I adapted an extract to reduce the challenge of the original language here).

Here is the text: Hooke – Cells Adaptation (only adaptation), 

and here is my analysis using the Learning Scientists’ strategies:

Hooke - Frothy Bodies Text

So, I’d use the text to emphasise how science develops following a technological advance – especially unexpected discoveries, such as the moons of Jupiter with optical telescopes; quasars with radio telescopes and x-rays.

If I wanted my readers to rehearse substantive knowledge, I’d use a different text, such as:

Thanks for reading!


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