England’s Primary Science Performance (2018).

This post is my response to reading the STAs 2018 Key Stage Two science monitoring report (here). We were due another one this year, but it didn’t happen. I was reading to see the breakdown of results for different groups of pupils. It doesn’t have the data I wanted, but it’s still a shocking and depressing read.

  • The headline figure was 21% of year 6 pupils in 2018 reached the expected standard. It is staggering.
  • Boys and girls were about equal.
  • Only 9% of year 6 children in 2018 who received free school meals (FSM) achieved the expected standard in science.

About the same as 2016.

Once lockdown stops and Ofsted get back into schools, I’m hope we find the focus on curriculum is starting to have an impact and that the next STA KS2 science results show significant improvement.


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