Why Primary Science Education is So Important

This is a 6 minute video describing the outcomes of a twelve year longitudinal study by Novak in the states. The study shows that a series of short science lessons early in a pupils primary school career leads to accelerated learning throughout the pupils science career (up to GCSE and beyond) and a significant reduction in the development of misconceptions.

I made this video for primary colleagues in my trust as part of a subject knowlegde enhancement meeting (we deliver six short curriculum specific CPD sessions for each primary year group per year). I thought it would be good to share it more widely.

The video is here. Please feel free to use it.

The full paper can be downloaded here.

My written blog on this paper is here.


  1. Glad to see that my school physics teacher is still as enthusiastic as when he taught me over a decade ago. And certainly agree with this informative blog: primary science education can be career defining.

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