A Knowledge Curriculum, Informed by Cognitive Science with a Disciplinary Literacy Focus

Colleagues at Paradigm Trust are developing a KS1-3 curriculum. It is a knowledge curriculum, informed by cognitive science with a disciplinary literacy focus. So far, we have written material for science, history, geography and RE.

Earth and Space Timeline

I have just completed a year 6 packet that I’d like to share. It isn’t the full curriculum, just a sort of textbook for the unit.

How Astronomers Learnt that ‘The Heavens’ Are Not Perfect Y6 Aut2.2

Added Sunday 21st Octoberexample pupil responses

We’d appreciate feedback.



  1. I am sitting next to my newspaper rack which so happens to have your book at the top and I flick to the Universe chapter; I like it, I like books; latest purchase is The Honey Factory.

    Clearly the linked document above is for a different audience and clearly the pack is not all laid out but my initial impression was a lack of crispness (not the case with the book, mind you). Off the top of my head why not winners vs losers – but maybe that would not suit your arc of travel. Second I cannot see the associated practical thesis – I am a big “orrery” fan – but realize: are such necessary with new fangled computery sim. Finally, as the dark nights draw in I always wonder why more people aren’t out there star gazing and thereafter the implications of navigation as formerly, before the new fangled stuff.


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