My ASE Talk January 10th 2019 – How to Teach Problem Solving in Science (with added Bar-Models!)

I have planned the outline of my ASE Annual Conference talk (Thursday 12.00). It may develop a little, but the gist is:

  1. Numerical Problems in Science
  2. What does Cognitive load Theory teach us about problem solving?
    1. The CLT model
    2. Goal Free Effect
    3. Worked Examples
    4. Completion Problems
    5. Expertise Reversal Effect
  3. How can Efrat Furst’s models help us plan to develop problem solving in learners? (here and here)
  4. The Bar Model: How can the Singapore Maths method of Concrete/Pictorial/Abstract help develop problem solving skills in science? (Download my bumper examples pack: Using Bar-Model to Help Solve Abstract Science Problems – KS23)
Using Bar-Model to Help Solve Abstract Science Problems - KS23
Parallel circuit bar-model for current

The programme for the conference is here

Hoping to see lots of you there,


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